Jehkiah & Casey

Jehkiah & Casey

Monday, April 18, 2011

New addition to the Cornett Family...

So if you know me at all you would be aware that I am not a cat person. In fact I am allergic to them and I have always thought dogs to be a superior companion. Well low and behold Jehkiah and I have an orange Taby. Our roommates were driving down the road one night and saw a half starved kitten on the road. They stopped to pick it up and brought it home with the intentions of finding it a new home. 2 months later Jehkiah and I are at petsmart picking up another bag of kitten food and contemplating between toys, new kitten bowls and leashes.
I must admit that although I have always protested to having a cat, Snickers has grown on me. Honestly it only took Jehkiah and I one night to be smitten by this crazy and absolutely cool cat. I had him at the vet a week later getting his boosters and making sure he was ok. I am sure that there will be more stories and pictures to share of our kitten. So yes I can officially say that now I am a cat person and that Jehkiah and I are proud parents!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our New BLog

So far since Jehkiah and I got married it has been work, work, work! Volleyball keeps me pretty busy and Jehkiah is plugging away at looking for a career in something that he can enjoy. I am very proud of him though for all his hard work and patience in such a frustrating time. Right now he is tutoring in math and he also works at a sporting good store.
We did take some time off this month to go and see Josten and Sarah in Alabama which was sooo nice! It really is great to have some family at least six hours away considering that everyone else is about 2000 miles away. We love playing with their kids Breck and Sienna who are so cute and have grown so much since we last saw them in November.
It is hard to imagine that it hasn't even been six months since Jehkiah and I got married. We are both so happy and enjoy spending time together laughing. We actually just played tennis together last weekend and I love it when we are tired cause we have been laughing so hard.
Jehkiah was also happy to hear that one of his really good friends Jeremy is in Charlotte for a few months doing an internship out here. He actually had a chance to hang out with him last night and I know he thoroughly enjoyed seeing him.